About advertising medical products in the activities of physiotherapists in the magazine Practical Fizjoterapia i Rehabilitacja

We invite you to read the latest article by Błażej Wągiel , which was recently published in the magazine Practical Fizjoterapia i Rehabilitacja .

This article sheds light on significant changes in the regulations governing the advertising of medical devices and their impact on the practice of physiotherapists.

Over time, the legal and regulatory environment in the field of medical device advertising is constantly changing. Our law firm, with many years of experience in the area of ​​health law and medical regulations, aims to provide you with the latest information and support in the face of these changes.

The article examines the latest guidelines on the advertising of medical devices, focusing on the context of physiotherapists' practice. You will learn what new regulations may affect the promotion of services and products in the field of rehabilitation and how to avoid potential pitfalls related to violations of regulations.

From the article, you will learn:

✅ What are the key changes in the regulations regarding the advertising of medical devices.
✅ How can these changes affect everyday physiotherapy practice?
✅ How to effectively adapt your marketing strategies to new regulations.
✅ What steps to take to avoid potential legal consequences.

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If you have any questions regarding the topic discussed, Błażej Wągiel will be happy to provide you with support and answers to your doubts.